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Kythoni Medical

Kythoni's mission is to put love into action by serving those throughout the world who lack basic necessities.


Our goal as an organization is to foster sustainability: our initial work was focused on rescuing orphans and building a family structure around them. As the wait list for the Children’s Homes grew however, we realized the necessity to address the underlying issues that are systemic in the country and resulting in children who are not sustainable. We welcome you to join us in supporting the education, empowerment and care for the children in Haiti.

Haiti LIFT

Global LIFT continuing support of work in Haiti.

General Fund

Your donation will help support the following:

Education-building schools and educational centers that offer free primary and secondary instruction.

Crisis Relief-providing immediate response during crises, such as rescue efforts and food/supply distributions.

Orphan Care-building permanent and supportive family structures around at-risk youth and equipping them with the resources and backing to engage and change their surroundings.

About Us
Aid International, Inc. (AID) is a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2000. It is based and registered in Florida, USA. We are a volunteer based non-profit organization created to assist children living in orphanages through humanitarian aid, medical treatment, education and post orphanage support.

For the past 15 years, AID International has worked to ameliorate the standard of living for poverty-stricken families in Haiti and to bring about concrete change in the lives of the many in need. This non-profit was started to address the lack of resources...particularly in Jacmel and Les Cayes. Since then, via partnerships with like-minded individuals and organizations in Canada and the US, AID’s involvement has expanded into other communities, such as Carrefour, St. Rock, and Port-au-Prince.