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Carrollton, TX
Single Parent Advocate Phone 214-534-4460 Location
2106 Fawn Ridge Trail
Carrollton, TX 75010
Tags Children , Economic Development, Education, Faith-Based, Humanitarian

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Support Single Parent Families through Thin Days

Contributions will help support families stuck in the balance between poverty and self-sufficiency.
• $15 will provide a Successful Single Parenting Guide to a new single parent
• $25.00 will provide a back pack full of supplies for a single parent child
• $50 provides a holiday meal for a single parent and kids
• $100 will provide a meal for a single mom and her children on Mother’s Day
• $200 will provide gifts and a meal for a family of 4 during the holidays

Raised: $61.00 Goal: $2,500.00
Who We Are
We are a nonprofit that reaches out to help single parents, their children, and their support organizations. On this website you will find links to resources that provide strong and suitable aid for families that are government, non-profit, and faith based solutions.
What We Do
Single Parent Advocate is a collaborative organization that partners with public, private, and other non-profit organizations to meet practical needs like providing beds, furniture, auto repair, food, clothing, transportation, resources for job searches and more.
We host social functions and provide emotional and practical support during key holidays and seasons of the year including, but not limited to:

Valentine’s Day Safe Social
Mother’s Day Dinner Celebration
Father’s Day Fun Day
Back-To-School Supply Drive & Distribution
Thanksgiving Food Drive & Distribution
Christmas Gift Drive & Distribution
Our Vision
SPA envisions families with enhanced self-esteem and an improved social footing, increased educational access and success for children, resulting in more contributions from them to society as a whole. With these changes we will realize an increased drive towards self-sufficiency among single parents and a trusting, well-established sense of community so that the children from single parent families never feel abandoned.